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COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on our lives and as the world attempts to return to a "new normal" it is essential that we protect ourselves and our loved ones. With APT™ T3X, you can safely get back to work, see your kids off to school, and visit friends and family with the confidence that you are protected.

The revolutionary Advanced Performance Technology™, combined with an approved OTC drug, empowers this formulation to cross pharmacological barriers not possible for most topical medications.

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Proven Anti-Viral Formulation

Shown to destroy SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses that it comes into contact with; backed by independent laboratory tests.

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Advanced Performance Technology™

A proprietary, dual-carrier transdermal drug delivery system that ensures maximum effectiveness.

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Available over the counter with no prescriptions or appointments needed.

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Safe and FDA Registered

Over 8 years of public use with NO documented side effects.

Highly effective protection against COVID-19

The anti-viral formulation of APT™ T3X has been evaluated against the influenza virus and COVID-19 and has proven to be a highly effective method of protection against COVID-19 when used appropriately.

APT™ T3X provides another layer of protection to the individual to decrease the viral load of exposure.

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What doctors are saying

As a physician caring for patients throughout the entirety of the pandemic, I have been using APTT3X daily. For over a year, and prior to being vaccinated, I have personally been using intranasal APTT3X formulation as part of my COVID-19 preventative strategy. Though I am now vaccinated, I continue to use l APTT3X daily to protect against COVID and any new variants.

Dr. Daniela Vincent, D.O.

Capt, USAF

As a physician on the front lines, I have been personally using the APTT3X formulation intranasal daily for over a year as my COVID preventative strategy, before the routine availability of vaccines. I have since been vaccinated for COVID 19 and I continue to use the APTT3X daily to protect against the new variants.

Dr Anthony Gross, DO MSc,

Medical Director & Director of Occupational HealthSanta Cruz Valley Regional Hospital, Tucson AZ

The APT™ T3X formulation abolishes viral infectivity in vitro.

Dr. Michela Mazzon, PhD

Lead virologist at Virology Research Services Ltd.

The APT™ T3X formulation abolishes viral infectivity in vitro.

Dr. Michela Mazzon, PhD

Lead virologist at Virology Research Services Ltd.

Research has shown that COVID-19 is primarily contracted by humans through the nose. Twice daily nasal application of APT™ T3X therefore appears to have the ability to provide an additional layer of protection against COVID-19, with no known side-effects...

...I will certainly be using APT™ T3X during my emergency department shifts .

Dr. Gregory D. Hobbs, MD MPH

Past Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine
Texas A&M College of Medicine

I have reviewed the data on APT™ T3X. It is an interesting product. I see immediate potential for use in individuals who want protection beyond standard personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and face shields. Given the recent article showing persistent risk of infection with adequate PPE for healthcare workers, this product may well offer needed additional protection.

Ben Park, MD

Indianapolis, Indiana

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APT™ T3X is making headlines. See what trusted news sources are saying about this revolutionary technology and how it is helping to slow the pandemic in our homes, cities, states, and across the country.

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