Our Company Story and Our Journey in the Battle Against COVID-19

Patient Focused TeleHealth (PFTH), LLC is the parent company of Advanced Penetration Technology, LLC, (APT), a Texas-and Indiana-based company (www.aptdeliverysystem.com) that specializes in innovative solutions for patient care utilizing non-prescription, over the counter (OTC) products. PFTH enjoys a number of strategic partnerships with US- based FDA- approved manufacturing and packaging facilities. 

Dr. Brian Huber, CEO of PFTH, was introduced to the APT TM technology in late 2015. The technology was presented as a unique and revolutionary scientific and pharmacological breakthrough. The claims made by the inventor about the efficacies and efficiencies of  the properties of the APTTM formulation were initially unbelievable and incomprehensible – and as with most doctors and scientists, it was difficult for Dr. Huber to fully grasp and believe the initial claims about the APT TM formulation.

After 6 months of questioning and deep discussions about the proprietary APT TM formulation and another 10 months of scientific evaluations and learnings, Dr. Huber recognized and came to believe in  the capabilities of the APT TM  “dual-action carrier” formulation to significantly improve topical antibiotic outcomes, as well as many other areas of the OTC topical medications.  Once convinced that APTTM would fully live up to the claims, PFTH acquired the intellectual property (IP) of the platform formulation from the inventor. In short, with the APTTM formulation PFTH could and would manufacture non-prescription topical medications which performed more effectively than many prescription formulations.

APTTM Tetracycline 3% ointment was the first product to be available and sold by the company.  Although firmly convinced by the data, Dr. Huber understood further independent laboratory data would be needed to investigate the efficacy and outcomes of this topical formulation for future development of other product lines. Many independent tests have been conducted, and more are being performed to challenge and understand the full extent of APTTM formulation’s capabilities to positively and significantly impact global healthcare and those efforts are ongoing.

The APTTM Tetracycline 3% ointment (APTTMT3X) to date has shown no bacterial resistance. The formulation has also demonstrated the ability to break through mature biofilm of bacteria and fungus and also improve penetration deeper into tissues, which enables the delivery of the active ingredients for up to 24 hours.  With the global focus on antibiotic resistance causing “Super Bugs”, the APTTM formulation is extremely important to healthcare globally. Antibiotic stewardship is a key focus across the healthcare continuum.

The utilization of the APTTM T3X ointment by orthopedic trauma surgeons revealed the formulation resolved historic infection challenges that have existed for 25 years.  Its effectiveness in killing antibiotic resistant microbes has been nothing short of miraculous.  MRSA, Pseudomonas, Strep Group A, Acinetobacter bumannii, all resistant to most powerful antibiotics, had no defense or resistance to APTTM Tetracycline 3% ointment topical formulation.   The APTTMT3X ointment dual-action modality of killing would also prevent development of resistance in these microbes.

PFTH was made aware by researchers of the Candida auris fungus problem, a global health care threat identified by the CDC. Candida auris is a highly resistant fungal infection which the Pharma industry has thus far been unable to identify a therapy to remove the fungus from the skin of patients and healthcare workers – until now.  With APT T3X, a major historical and pharmacology barrier was broken.  This antibiotic formulation had effectively crossed-over the fungal barrier into being an extremely effective anti-fungal.

Additionally, recent studies have demonstrated the efficacy of the APTTM based NON-Prescription (OTC) topical antifungal formulation to effectively remove/kill this highly resistant Candida auris fungus. The significance is PFTH took a common Over-the-Counter athlete’s foot/jock itch antifungal medication, formulated it with the APT™ based carrier, thus creating one of the most powerful anti-fungal products available today, still a non-prescription medication.  This product outcome has far reaching implications in global healthcare.

PFTH has additional lines of business in development utilizing the APTTM formulation for topical pain management, dermatology and veterinary health products with research and development ongoing.    

THEN, COVID-19 hit the world with a pandemic force not seen for more than 100 years.   The disruption of every aspect of daily living and all levels of research and development came to a screeching halt across the globe.   On April 5th,2020  Dr. Huber and PFTH’s Chief Operating Officer, Vince Vincent, were witnessing daily, the myriad efforts of big pharma companies to position old and shelved drugs (with little mention of the significant side effects) in an attempt to find answers for treatments of the severely ill from this Corona virus infection. At the same time, billions of dollars were and still are being given to companies “to try” (with little or no expectation of success) for possible treatments and vaccine development.  Sadly and as expected when something with the magnitude of Covid-19 descends upon the world, many perceived “experts” became ubiquitous – all trying to convince the public that they discovered THE cure. 

During this same period the CDC developed and recommended the current preventative guidelines in an attempt to reduce the spread of infection. Other than social distancing, the use of face masks and routine hand washing, there were no other preventative measures available.  People WANTED something else to protect themselves then, and still do.

Dr. Huber noted many anecdotal cases in the 8-year history of the APTTM formulations that had shown an anti-viral efficacy was present with the use of the product.  Therefore, with the “hope” of a second historical cross-over, he set out to find an independent virology laboratory to formally test and evaluate the APTTMT3X formulation against viruses.  A global search was needed to identify a highly respected virology research facility.  As one can imagine, virtually every virology research facility was occupied and had more work than they could handle due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The identification of the London virology lab, Virology Research Service, Ltd., was very important.  Even though the laboratory was fully scheduled, the importance of a product that could help in the fight against Covid-19 – and the need for the study – was immediately recognized after discussions of the formulation, function and the prevention approach to COVID-19 infectivity.  As a result, the laboratory under emergency action made an exception and prioritized the virology assays needed to study the anti-viral cross-over theory.

The outcomes (published on this website www.APTT3X.com ) demonstrate the very high level of in vitro effectiveness of the APTTMT3X formulation in neutralizing viral infectivity.   Laboratory test results demonstrated the APTTMT3X antibiotic formulation had effectively crossed-over the viral barrier into being an extremely effective anti-viral. One key point of understanding is needed when discussing the anti-viral capabilities: the APTTM formulation has a very unique mode of action. It performs a mechanical and biochemical action of virus neutralization.   Basically, the lipid envelope of the virus is ripped open and the virus is immediately neutralized (it cannot infect or replicate). 

You have heard scientific and media discussions about the SARS-CoV-2, the Protein Spikes, ACE2 receptors and transmembrane proteases, which all affect how the virus infects and replicates within the body.  The revolutionary aspect of this APTTM Tetracycline 3% formulation, however, is its ability to neutralize the virus and does NOT depend on any of this highly technical cell biology.    The use APTTMT3X formulation does not “knock on the front or back door” or “try to find a way into a side window of the structure” to reduce infectivity of the virus.  The APTTMT3X formulation completely demolishes the “virus structure” therefore making it just as effective after the virus mutates, as all viruses do.

The scientific and traditional medical establishment have difficulty understanding the recommended use of intranasal application and the apparent efficacy of the APTTMT3X formulation in decreasing the viral load of exposure, however, the following must be considered:

  • Unfortunately the medical community immediately focuses on the active ingredient; 3% Tetracycline.  Tetracycline is a well know antibiotic discovered in 1948 and retains an important role in medicine, although its usefulness has been reduced over the years with the onset of newer classes of antibiotics. Historically the primary use of the APTTMT3X formulation is as an antibiotic. However, it is NOT the only aspect of the formulation’s efficacy.  The APTTM dual-action carrier formulation, along with 3% Tetracycline as the active ingredient, creates revolutionary efficacy as an anti-viral topical medication.

PFTH’s APTTM based formulations will instigate changes in many chapters of the medical and pharmacology books. Scientific breakthroughs, innovation and paradigm shifts are not easily understood or thoughtfully considered until the establishment is forced to think through the possibilities and new realities.  Unfortunately, most medical specialists and the general medical community are too consumed with this crisis and what they are currently doing, to consider the impact and new preventative solution provided by the APTTMT3X formulation. 

  • The APTTMT3X formulation can penetrate mature biofilm (glycocalyx), hence the mucus normally present within the nasal canal presents no issues or challenge.   The additional benefit of the penetration allows the APTTMT3X formulation to get deeper into the mucus secreting cells along the nasal passages.
  • The most current research states the NASAL passages are the primary points of infectivity and replication of the COVID-19 virus.  MIT research identified the mucus secreting cells (goblet secretory cells) as the specific site where the SARS-CoV-2 virus replicates.   Johns Hopkins Medicine research noted the increased number of ACE2 receptors in the cells of the upper nose (hence the early infectivity and replication is thought to be the reason for “loss of smell” as an early symptom).
  • PFTH recommends swabbing the nasal passages with APTTMT3X formulation once or twice a day, based upon risk factors. The normal function of the mucociliary clearance system may also positively impact the movement of the protection layer deeper into the nasal passages.
  • PFTH will continue to provide ongoing additional data to the medical community and others to support the APTTMT3X COVID-19 prevention strategy.  However, the current wait times and the financial investment required for traditional clinical trial outcomes are significant and consume immense amounts of time – all while our U.S.A. population, economy and that of the world suffer.  Most importantly, people keep dying of COVID-19.
  • The APTTMT3X formulation, which is an FDA Registered, OTC has a strong track record of safety and individuals that desire protection should have the option to protect themselves.      

PFTH, as a patriotic USA- based company, felt it was our call-to-duty to try to help during this devastating crisis. We are committed to helping our nation with this preventative solution for COVID-19.  We remain focused on developing revolutionary APTTM based formulations which will significantly and positively impact healthcare worldwide.   

Stay well. Stay safe.  God Bless America.