The anti-viral formulation of APT™ T3X evaluated against SARS-CoV-2, NL63 coronavirus and Influenza virus in vitro has proven to be a highly effective method of protection against Coronavirus (COVID-19) infectivity when used appropriately.

APT™ T3X provides another layer of protection to the individual to decrease the viral load of exposure.

Highly effective protection against COVID-19

With the current environment, there is a global race to develop a trusted and safe therapeutic treatment against COVID-19. APT™ T3X is a tetracycline hydrochloride first aid antibiotic produced by APT, LLC. It is an over-the-counter, FDA-registered formulation that is proven to abolish viral infectivity.1


These recent articles from MIT Research and John Hopkins Research support the approach to providing an effective anti-viral barrier within the nose to decrease the viral load of exposure.2 3

“Researchers at MIT; the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard; and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; along with colleagues from around the world have identified specific types of cells that appear to be targets of the coronavirus that is causing the Covid-19 pandemic. In the nasal passages, the researchers found that goblet secretory cells, which produce mucus, express RNAs for both of the proteins that SARS-CoV-2 uses to infect cells.” 2

John Hopkins Medicine reported that the “hook” of cells used by SARS-CoV-2 to latch onto and infect cells is up to 700 times more prevalent in the olfactory supporting cells lining the inside of the upper part of the nose than in the lining of the rest of the nose and windpipe that leads to the lungs. These are the supporting cells necessary for the function/development of odor-sensing cells.

“Understanding of the pattern of viral load in tissues of COVID-19 patients is critical for diagnosis, management of transmission, and potential treatment strategies. Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in clinical specimens shows that the highest viral copy number is found in nasal swabs (~200 fold), compared to bronchoalveolar lavage or pharyngeal swabs. In the early stages of SARS-CoV-2 infection, viral RNA can readily be detected in upper respiratory specimens but not in blood, urine, or stool. These findings, taken together with ACE2 protein cellular localization presented here, suggests that active virus infection and replication occurs in the apical layer of nasal and olfactory mucosa. The differential expression of ACE2 in the olfactory neuroepithelium and respiratory epithelium may help account for the spectrum of nasal-related symptoms, while also raising the intriguing possibility that COVID-19 may be amenable to novel therapeutic approaches. Consideration should be given to the delivery of topical anti-viral additives, such as detergent or povidone-iodine, directed at the nasal and nasopharyngeal viral reservoirs.” 3


The Advanced Penetration Technology™ combined with Tetracycline, imparts a mechanical and biochemical neutralization effect on viruses. The mechanical nature of disrupting the lipid envelope of the Coronavirus immediately neutralizes the virus. This neutralization inactivates the ability of the virus to penetrate into the cells of the body and begin replication.

APT™ T3X is applied to the nasal passages (inside of the nose) and immediately acts to reduce the viral load (the number of viral particles present) of exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Viral load is directly connected to disease severity. This revolutionary and proprietary topical formulation is empowered by the Advanced Penetration Technology™ platform, destroying viruses before they can infect and cause disease.

The APT™ T3X has NO documented side effects in over 8 years of application and use. Its ability to disrupt, destroy, and neutralize viruses is unmatched. When used appropriately, this is a powerful step in the prevention of COVID-19.

While vaccines are currently in various stages of development around the globe, the associated testing and certification timelines (safety, efficacy, and approval) are unknown and we could still be months or years away from having an approved vaccine available for human use. The current challenges with viral mutations (already documented with SARS-CoV-2) will impact any efficacy of vaccine over time.

The one key step for the general population, that until now has been missing, is the direct application of a barrier to decrease the Viral Load of Exposure.

APT™ T3X provides another barrier of protection against the COVID-19 virus.

Randomized, triple blinded clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy of APTT3X™ formulation in decreasing the infectivity of COVID-19, completed.

  • This trial was performed within Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande de Sol, which was dealing with the highest level of infectivity, hospitalizations and death. The entirety of the trial took place under BLACK FLAG warnings from public health officials.
  • Multiple variants of SARS-CoV-2 were present across this geographical region where the trial took place.
  • The majority of participants applied the intranasal APTT3X™ formulation ONCE a day.
  • The results demonstrated that there was a DECREASE risk of infectivity of 150% for those applying APTT3X™ formulation. (Statistically significant outcomes: p = 0.0482)
  • The APT™ T3X decreased the rate of contamination by COVID-19 in sixty percent (60%), compared to the placebo group. This decrease in the rate of contamination is close to that observed by some of the current available COVID-19 vaccines, such as Johnson & Johnson (66%), Sinovac Biotech (50.4% - Brazilian trial), and CanSino Biologics (65.7%). The APT™ T3X also demonstrated safety with very few slight adverse effects. Finally, it is important to highlight that most of these adverse effects were related to inadequate use of the swabs and not due the formulation per se.



Virology Research Services, Ltd., evaluated the in vitro anti-viral efficacy of the APT™ T3X formulation against the SARS-CoV-2 (cause of COVID-19), Coronavirus (NL63) and Influenza virus proving—through a variety of testing protocols—that when appropriately used, APT™ T3X is a highly effective preventative against the Coronavirus, thus an effective step to decrease the viral load of exposure.

Chart showing No infectious virus was detected after 30 seconds of T3X treatment

Figure 1. Decreased infectivity of virus that has been in contact with T3X compared with phosphate buffer saline (PBS). No infectious virus was detected after 30 seconds of T3X treatment. The experiment was performed in technical triplicates.

Dr. Michela Mazzon, lead scientist at Virology Research Services, found that “the APT™ T3X formulation abolishes viral infectivity in vitro.”


Dr. Gregory D. Hobbs, Past Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine had this to say about the APT™ T3X formulation:

“I have recently been introduced to a novel topical medication delivery formulation, APT™ T3X, which appears to provide a significant protective barrier to help prevent the user from contracting COVID-19. This formulation has been in use since 2012 for topical delivery of antibiotics in wound care and acne treatment, and there have been no reported side-effects from its use in these patients.

APT™ T3X recently underwent testing at an accredited virology research lab in England to determine its ability to kill both Corona and influenza viruses. The results showed that APT™ T3X killed at least 99.9% of these viruses. Research has shown that COVID-19 is primarily contracted by humans through the nose. Twice daily nasal application of APT™ T3X therefore appears to have the ability to provide an additional layer of protection against COVID-19, with no known side-effects.

In normal times, I would recommend that this product undergo a randomized, controlled clinical trial before wide-spread clinical adoption. However, these are not normal times, and traditional scientific practices have been suspended in favor of expedited processes for adoption of low risk, potentially helpful medications. Within this context, I strongly recommend making this product immediately available to frontline medical providers, schoolteachers and other essential workers as an additional layer of protection, in combination with the current CDC guidelines for mask wearing and social distancing.

There is no downside to this approach, and potentially a very significant upside for our at-risk populations. I will certainly be using APT™ T3X during my emergency department shifts.”

The APT™ T3X is an additional layer of protection, not a stand-alone solution. Following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 prevention is always recommended.


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